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Incorrect humidity and dew point temperatures

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  • Incorrect humidity and dew point temperatures

    Dear Brian Hamilton
    I have been using the Weather Display for almost nine years. WD has been displaying temporarily incorrect humidity and dew point temperatures for about two weeks. For example, the base station of the Davis (and my old WS 2350) showed 32° humidity and 15.8°C dew point. Weather Display shows 43% humidity and 21°C dew point temperature. The wrong moisture values were always between 41 and 43%. Without my influence, the program finds its way back to the right values. This can take hours, but it can also be the next day. A restart usually brings no success. Several new starts were unsuccessful yesterday evening, but successful this morning.
    I'll show you some screenshots to help you find the bug.

    If you need more screenshots, I'll send you more here
    Many thanks and many greetings

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    Aus Solingen, der Klingenstadt im Bergischen Land, grüßt Euch Dieter

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    some things to check
    maybe check that you do not have a humidity offset set
    also maybe check that you do not have a use humidity slope set
    but it may be that in the limits setup you have set a low humidity limit of 41 % maybe...check that
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