Hinweise zum Support / Note for Support

Bitte geben Sie bei allen Supportanfragen Ihre aktuell verwendete Scriptversion und Ihren Browser in den Fragen mit an.

Please note for all support requests give the actually Script Version and the Browser you currently used.
This is important for help.
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  • Leuven-Template

    Visit one of the Leuven-template demonstation sites running with real data and scripts.



    You can dynamically switch between the different weather-programs in each site. Explanation is the yellow drop down box at the top of the site.
    Click here for support and questions and here for the WiKi in English and Dutch

    The Leuven-Template is already used by more than
    300 weather websites to display there weather in a user friendly manor.
    Because these templates
    • have extensive support using a WiKi and a personal support system
    • are 100% free
    • and complete:
      • Warning scripts for every region: Meteoalarm.EU , NOAA and EC
      • Forecast scripts for data from at least YrNo, MetNo, NOAA, EC, HWA, WeatherUnderground and WXSIM.
      • Steelseries gauges for all Weather programs, WD-Live for weather-programs which can upload clientraw files

    These are a lot of newly written scripts. But also some often used scripts from other sources are pre-installed, tested and included to be used. This will save the website owner countless hours of tinkering to get it "just right"
    • USA weather-warnings known as the "Curly" scripts, as an alternative to the NOAA scripts
    • Forecast scripts and weather-maps from the European Weather Network EWN.
    • When using WeatherUnderground:

    Easy install is achieved by:
    • Settings for UOM, date/time formats and alarms are selected based on the region the weather station is located
    • There is only one version for all supported regions - Europe - USA and Canada and "others".
    • The multi-language support is based on the proven "Saratoga" language files. Standard download includes English, French, German and Dutch. Multiple other language files such as Finish and Spanish are available.
    • WeatherPrograms supported are:
      consoleWD, Cumulus, WeatherDisplay, WeatherCat, WeatherLink, Meteohub - Meteobridge en Meteoplug, Davis, WSWIN, Wview, VWS

      Uploads form multiple different weather-programs to the same website is supported. No adaptions needed when switching from one weather program to another. Just one setting. After the new weather program uploads the weather-date, the website is operational again.

    • Adaptable first (home) page with multiple components (20 at this moment) to display and choose from.
      Example demo of almost all components
    • horizontal or vertical menu
    • Bottom or side areas can be populated with links to other sites, weather program, devices used
    • Inclusion of visitors counter, donation button, social websites based on simple settings
    • Background photos, color scheme either dynamic based on the current weather conditions are set to a fixed scheme
    Viele Grüße,
    VP2 Plus Aktiv, TOA-Blitzortung, NOAA-Wettersat, Waether Display, u.v.m.
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